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A picture of the United for WCASD candidates

Meet the candidates
running for school board

Welcome to the home page of United for WCASD. We are running for school board in the West Chester Area School District. 

The candidates include Alex Christy and Katy Frey (Region 1); Daryl Durnell and Karen Herrmann (Region 2); and Gary Bevilacqua (Region 3). Click on the buttons below to learn more about the candidates in the three regions of the district.

Our core values

The United for WCASD candidates support: 

Standing up for student achievement, student voice,
& student rights

 Every student in WCASD should be accepted and appreciated in the classroom regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. 

Standing strong for transparency, fiscal responsibility,
& community

We aim to strengthen public education in the West Chester area community through transparency, fiscal responsibility, and collaboration. 

Standing behind teachers
& support staff

We support teachers, support staff, and administrative staff for all the hard work they do every day to ensure the students of WCASD receive the best education possible.

 Standing with parents as collaborators & stakeholders

We encourage parents to be involved with the school board and be active collaborators in the board's decisions. This will help to ensure transparency. 

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